Burnish is an interactive performance installation that premiered at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 with 9dragonheads in the official collatoral event Jump Into the Unknown; and at Toronto's Theatre Center in May 2015. It was remounted for SummerWorks 2016 at Toronto's Theatre Centre with a new concept for the tent, technology and audience participation.

Venice Biennale Team:

Concept, text and Performance: Erika Batdorf

Mask: Ida Ayu Laksmi Maha Dewi

Electronics, Sound Design and Art Objects: Mark-David Hosale

Costume and Art Objects: Suzanne Bartos

Structure Design and Lighting: Ian Garrett


SummerWorks 2016 Team:

Created by Erika Batdorf and Mark-David Hosale

Text/concept: Erika Batdorf

Mask: Ida Ayu Laksmi Maha Dewi

Tent/set Design, lighting, sound design, properties
and computational media: Mark-David Hosale

Costume and properties: Suzanne Bartos

Videography: Channa Boon (Italy), Teo von Baeyer (Toronto)

Head of Tent Fabric Construction: Sylvia Defend

Stage Manager: Anastasiya Popova

Fabric Construction Team: Hanna Litster and Jingjia Zhang