Audience Comments
from the Venice Biennale and The Theatre Centre May 2015

-I’m speechless. This touched me to my core. Thank you so much…

-I felt you were my shaman

-Thanks so much- well done, Very emotional

-It felt a little like a séance, as if you were calling on my spirit, rather than someone else’s.

-I feel somehow healed from the thought of where our origin of fear is. Thinking… thank you.

-I felt like I was taken to a completely other world, I was so… in wonder.

-I feel like I’ve been seen and I saw something new. Thank you

-A journey out of time and space right in to the heart.

-With a few choices I feel like you’ve told me more than I could think with something so small.

-I wanted to say how awesome Burnish was! The installation of the tent was incredible. I loved being able to look in through different aspects of the tent and provided a different experience when watching someone personal performance vs. having your own personal performance. It was calming, creative, informative, and of course, enjoyable

-I thoroughly enjoyed Burnish.  I loved watching you and walking around the 'tent'.  I was surprised at how moving I found being in the 'hot seat'.  Thank you.

-Very contemplative and quiet

-I needed this so much right now. Good tears ran all the way down my neck. Thank you. Beautiful and oxygenating.

-I know this will stay with me for a long time, thank you.

-I got it, fear is a fiction… I will take that with me forever.

- a haunting and magical performance installation