DEFENDEX-ESPGX: Installation Requirements

The DEFENDEX-ESPGX is a self-contained trans-media system, requiring no outside video or sound support. Ideally the DEFENDEX-ESPGX would be set-up with a 6 to 8 foot perimeter around it in the corner of a space. This will provide enough room for a user to directly interact with the DEFENDEX-ESPGX, while others interact with it as passive observers (fig. 1). The DEFENDEX-ESPGX stands 62.25 inches tall (fig. 1), so it should fit easily into any standard size room.

Figure 1. The DEFENDEX-ESPGX as seen from above with a 6 to 8 foot perimeter.


The provided lighting should be low so that an incandescent bulb hung over the DEFENDEX-ESPGX will serve as the primary light source (fig. 2). We will provide our own incandescent bulb and lighting-instrument, we just need a way to hang the bulb. To power the entire system, including the lighting, all that is needed is a standard 120v electrical outlet.

Figure 2. The DEFENDEX-ESPGX illuminated by an incandescent bulb.
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