homunculus.nimbus is a work that was developed for Camp Wavelength, an art and music festival taking place at Fort York, August 18-19 2018. It is an iteration of a previous work called, homunculus.agora, which was exhibited at Land|Slide Possible Futures, Markham Museum September 21st- October 14th 2013; and Farm To Table Exhibition, Markham Museum January 31st –  August 17th, 2014.


The pavilion is made out of PVC pipe and wood. The PVC is cut in 5 foot lengths on average for easy transport. For easy construction the pieces snap together using PVC joints with cleaves pins holding them in place. The joints are reinforced with aluminum u-channel.


The base supports double as benches and are constructed out of 2x4’s and plywood. They are held together with wood screws and carriage bolts. For Camp Wavelength the supports were anchored with sand bags as ground penetration is not encouraged at Fort York. There are (24) 25kg bags in this image, totalling 600kg, or about 1325 lbs.

The piece takes up an area of 23 feet in diameter.

It is approximately 9’feet high.

The roof of the pavilion is populated with illuminated sculptural elements from homunculus.agora.


Benches inside the pavilion are arranged to facilitate social interaction and encourage visitors to remain with the work for longer periods of time. In addition, the benches provide structural support for the cantilever of the pavilion and a place to store the technology hardware used to drive the work.