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works in Max 4.6 and above (including Max 5 & 6)

Download: (12kb)

MySQL Connector/J for MXJ
The MySQLJDBC MXJ object provides max with a simple interface to the MySQL Connector/J native Java driver that converts JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) calls into the network protocol used by the MySQL database. Being that it is developed with MXJ, it is compatible with Windows and Mac.


- If you haven't done so, Install MySQL and make sure it is running
(covering installing, using, and running MySQL is beyond the scope of this doc. Try a Google search or similar for more details on this. Some references are provided below)

- Download the MySQL Java Connector class from here:

For developers details on this jar and its use can be found here (also see the resources below):

- place the mysql-connector-java-x.x.x-bin.jar file in your /Applications/MaxMSP x.x/Cycling '74/java/lib/ folder (or whatever folder you may have defined as a classpath in your file found under /Applications/MaxMSP x.x/Cycling '74/java/)

NOTE: do not place it in a subfolder or else it will not work. In otherwords don't copy the entire distribution to the classpath, just the jar file.

- place the MySQLJDBC.class file in your /Applications/MaxMSP x.x/Cycling '74/java/classes/ folder

- Start max.

In the max window you should see something very similar to:
/Applications/MaxMSP x.x/Cycling '74/java/lib/mysql-connector-java.jar

The included help file provides some simple examples.

NOTE: The help file assumes you have already created a database called "maxmsp", with a user name "maxmspuser", and password "mathews".


..:For Everyone:..

MySQL Docs

phpMyAdmin (for administration)

..:For MXJ Developers:..
Using MySQL With Java:

java.sql API

JDBC Basics

jGuru: JDBC 2.0 Fundamentals