Installation requirements

The following is a detailed description of the technical requirements for the presentation of An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common.

An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common is a modular work, capable of being presented on many different scales. Ideally the work is presented in a large-scale room with projection on four screens on the walls of a square shaped room.  Depending on the size of the room, it possible to present the An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common using projectors or LCD screens as available. At the center of the installation is an interactive table, approximately 1 square meter, with an LCD touch screen embedded in the center (420 mm x 370 mm), which acts as a controller for the content on the screens. If projectors are used, then 8 loudspeakers are required, 2 for each of the screens, otherwise built in speakers can be used with the LCD screens.

The software for An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common is a distributed cross-platform application developed in C++. Although the program has been tested in Linux (and theoretically will work in Windows) Mac OS is preferred. Up to 5 computers can be used to run the software, but likely with the work can be presented on one or two modern computers (depending on the specifications of the computers). Successful tests have been conducted on a variety of set-ups. Please contact the artist directly for details on compatibility with specific system.

Equipment I provide:

◦   (1) LCD touch screen

◦   (1) Table with 420 mm x 370 mm hole in the center

◦   Computer(s) could be brought or rented, if not available from the exhibitors.

Equipment I want the exhibitors to provide:

◦   (1) Square room

◦   (4) Projectors and projection surface (could be a wall), or LCD screens

◦   (8) Loudspeakers (if using projection)

◦   (1 - 5) Computers (if available)



An example set-up would b in a room approximately 10 meters square, and would require (4) projectors and (8) loudspeakers, in addition to the table with embedded touch screen.


The Interactive Table

As described above, the table should be approximately 1 meter square with a hole in the center 420 mm x 370 mm. If it is more cost effective it may be better to build the table on site, otherwise the artist can provide a table. The LCD touch screen to be embedded in the table will be provided by the artist.


Set-up Overview:

  • Electrical Requirements: Most international power supplies will be acceptable. Depending on the set-up electrical will be needed for each computer and screen (projector or LCD).
  • Network Requirements: LAN, computers are networked together
  • Light requirements: Dark for the projection option, normal room light is acceptable for the other options
  • Light emission: Much to little for the projection option, none for the other options
  • Sound requirements: (8) Loudspeakers (if using projection), otherwise built-in sound in an LCD can be used.
  • Sound emission: Sound emission requirements would need to meet those of any cinematic presentation. This is scalable, but should be appropriate to the size of the room and maximum number of visitors expected.
  • Set-up and tear down: Approximately 8 hours for each.