Mark-David Hosale

computational artist and composer

Composition Samples

Only This
(2001) Live Processed Voice And Electronics, 7’ 33”
Voice: MarkDavid Hosale
"Only This" is a performed electronic work for computer and voice. Based on a poem by e. e. cummings, "Only This" is an homage to the methods of language deconstruction common in cummings poetry. In his poetry words are broken into smaller components such as in the line:
nly this
This deconstruction is both a visual and a sound experience. An analogy to this methodology can be found in microsound composition where larger sound elements are deconstructed into its smaller components. "Only This" uses a grain delay along with other effects in order to break down sound components in real time. The analogy is extended by the visual deconstruction of the text, which happens in real time as well.