plan view of h.a compared to the Ontario Greenbelt

The plan of homunculus.agora is a reflection of the Ontario Green Belt [1], which is a protected horseshoe shaped zone that surrounds the Greater Toronto Area. homunculus.agora responds to this non-urban territory recognizing it as techno-symptomatic of the urban condition. The Green Belt is in part designated as a "wild" (i.e. non-human) zone, in part agricultural, motivated by the desire to strike a balance between nature and human development. The Green Belt can be understood as a homunculus in itself, as it is a territory that has been constructed through human intervention, taking its shape based on existing (and anticipated future) urban population growth and development. Although the establishment of the Green Belt is motivated by the desire to strike a balance between nature and human development, this territorialisation takes its shape based on existing human development and is constrained by the future needs and ambitions population growth and development. This is not intended to be a criticism of the motivations behind the Green Belt per se, rather it is an observation that the formation of these zones is an extension of innovation and technology, and in turn an extension of ourselves. In this manner, human territorialisation/extension covers the entire planet. No stone is left unturned, nothing is unaccounted for.